How to Measure Pipe and Fitting Sizes. MIP with a 3/8 in. D. In reality, an inverted flare fitting is a single nut which uses a 45 degree double flare, and is Parker's economical inverted flare fittings offer a metal-to-metal seal that is internal to the fitting for tighter tube bends. Malone Specialty Inc. Tighten with a wrench an additional 1/4 turn for a metal-to-metal seal. The new Edelmann Big Brass 405 display has 405 facings for the industry’s most complete selection. e. Eaton Weatherhead 105X3 Steel Inverted Flare Brass Fitting, Nut, 3/16 Tube OD (Pack of 50). Connect your hydraulic and industrial hoses using RYCO hydraulic fittings, with our crimp connectors, RYCO JSEAL™ fittings, or quick release couplings Boat Trailer Hydraulic Brake Hose T-Fitting Female Inverted Flare-This is a brass T Fitting for hydraulic brakes. CO. We ordered a line-bending tool, tubing cutter and a flaring kit from Summit Racing, $42. Dash Inch. Note: AN, BSP, and NPT nomenclature can be confusing because the nominal sizes do not refer to the outside diameter of the threads. The nuts always swivel. Lowest Prices for the best propane from MB Sturgis. The seal is made on the 45° flare seat on the male and the 42° flare seat on the female. A flared male tubing has a 450 seat. As above, keep away from exhaust and secure every 12" so it doesn't move around when driving. Fuel Fittings for Quadrajets Weber Page. For proper sealing with 37 degree flared fittings, flares for tubing should conform to the requirements of SAE J533. Using your automotive hose size, choose from the chart below to find the AN equivalent for hose, hose ends and adapter fittings. Order. My personal opinion, I have no particular fondness for them as compared to JIC or flat face o-ring fittings because all to often I run across an inverted flare connection that has been overtightened. There are different types of brake line fittings. 1122 items Shop Brass Compression Fittings at acehardware. T Measure the fourth or fifth full thread . Return to store for final pressing of hose fittings. Results 49 - 72 of 72 Order Inverted Flare Fittings for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. E. It is acceptable practice to single flare Cunifer™ (seamless) brake line for use with AN/37 degree fittings. Flare Steel Gas Fittings Kit includes (1) 1/2 in. SAE 45° Inverted Flare Fitting The SAE 45° inverted flare male will mate with an SAE 42° inverted flare female only. Tube I. measure angle clockwise to describe the displacement 37° Flare 05 Male Straight Thread w/ O-Ring 06 Female SAE (JIC THREAD IDENTIFICATION To order by phone:1-800-669-9650 To order by fax:1-800-736-0141 488 The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifies a 37° angle flare or seat be used with high pressure hydraulic tubing. Simply plug the unrequired ports! FIGHT CORROSION! Tramec Sloan employs a 3-step exterior finishing process and an industry-leading interior finish on our air tanks. The adapters eliminate the need to cut line. JIC Fittings & Parker Fittings 37° JIC adapter fittings have a 37° cone seat on the female adapter and a 37° flare on the male adapter. This connection is similar to 37° flare. threads are still measured fractionally and are therefore called out by sixteenths of an inch. , your Adapter and Fitting Specialist. MB Sturgis Propane Pigtail - Type 1 x 1/4" Male Inverted Flare - 5' part number 100575-60-MBS can be ordered online at etrailer. View our vast selection of propane tank fittings and parts such as: brass flare fittings, propane adapter fittings, quick connect etc. 5- Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling is Water service applications generally use a flare to iron pipe connection when connecting the copper tube to the main and/or the meter. Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling is encountered. of a female thread. Purchase Swagelok tube fittings, biopharm fittings, dielectric fittings, flange fittings, flare fittings, pipe fittings, vacuum fittings, weld fittings and more Internet Explorer 8 or 9 is not supported by this website. Brass Compression Fittings 53 Brass 45° Flare Fittings 41 Brass Hose Barbs 63 Brass Hose Barbs Push-On, Low Pressure 66 Brass Inverted Flare Fittings 49 Brass Pipe Fittings 18 Bulk Air Hose 93 Bulkhead Fittings 8 Bulkhead Lock Washers & Jam Nuts 12 Bulk Spiral Wrap 91 Cable Clamps 107 Coiled Air Assemblies FLARE FITTINGS 113 manufacturers and suppliers of inverted flare from around the world. Add to Cart. If you count 9 lines, the size is a 9-mm (millimeter) nut. caliper are necessary to make accurate measurements of commonly used connectors. 1300 Series. Two piece construction – nut and body. Compare the existing hose ends to the adapter if you are unsure of the box/rack that you have. com and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Inverted Flared Tube Fittings Generally made in accordance with SAEJ512 and designed for use with copper, brass, aluminum and welded steel hydraulic tubing and flared like S. Dia. will do everything possible to ensure that you are always pleased with quality products and friendly service you will receive in coming to us. Measure and Marking Tools Fittings, and Conduit JMF 1/4 in. brake tubing, is a 3/8"-24 inverted flare fitting. The SAE 45° flare male will mate with an SAE 45° flare female only. Inverted Flare provides excellent vibration resistance. The brake hose fittings may include long tubes with complex bends, making it hard to measure the brake line's overall length. 5- Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling is It accepts the AN flex line and a pair of 45-degree inverted flare fittings. NOTE: When comparing your measurements with those on our charts it should be remembered that threads can become worn and distorted from use and you may not compare exactly to the 3. 2) . The fittings are sealed at the flared surfaces. AN port threads are not NPT or “pipe thread. Menu. AN/37 degree nuts and fittings accept single and double flares. All JIS Fittings, Japanese Industrial Standard Fittings, and Adapters conform to the JIS B8363 specification. install oversize nut and double flare tubing as well as converting the port to standard size threads for the life of the can Extra standard nuts and the unions needed to connect two steel These fittings are commonly used in refrigeration, automotive and low pressure applications. Use the inverted flare type SAE fittings with this gear. Inverted flare fittings are inexpensive and reusable. I have spliced brake lines, with inverted flare fittings, to avoid spots that looked hard. We can build a kit to convert almost any engine! WARNING: These products contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. Use brass compression fittings for cold and hot water faucets or toilet stop valves. 4- Lubricate threads and assemble to fitting body. Single flares can crack and cause leaks and compression fittings can blow apart. 5. Machined from CA360 or CA345 brass rod. Co. Our Vinyl Plug Kit is perfect for this. SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers. Remove the existing line and plug the line upstream to eliminate brake fluid from leaking and emptying the master cylinder. a-Measure flare diameter. Tubing for single flare tube ends should be either seamless or welded and drawn, fully annealed tubing per ASTM A213, ASTM A249 or ASTM A269 respectively. In the automotive plumbing world, there a few different ways to measure thread size on fittings and hoses. Inverted flare provides excellent vibration resistance. and Thread Pitch (in millimeters) i. brass inverted flare fittings - sae - metric, union tee, metric hydraulic brake fittings, auto, male run tee, union tee - sales@fastfittings. FIP and (1) 1/2 in. To place an order, please login or register. We have a huge variety of sizes and attachment styles, including male, female, Banjo, compression, and quick-connect brake fittings. Consult your service manual to know whether to use tapered pipe threading, inverted flare fittings, or compression fittings. Internal back-check prevents gas leaks. Complete Online Catalog of Fittings, Adapters & Accessories! How to measure threads Inverted Flare Fittings a. at first full Except for the seat angles, the SAE 45° Flare connectors mirror JIC 37° Flare connectors . Cut hose, insert into fittings,then mark fitting to hose to index it. This trailer brake hose union fitting is used to connect two brake lines together. Plumbing Adapter Fittings Whatever your vehicle, our adapter fittings will help you convert the plumbing system to AN-style braided stainless hoses. a- Measure flare diameter. Examine flare for excessive thin out. Stretch the tape measure across the nut's diameter to the flat-side directly across from the one your pulling from. It is larger and it is an female inverted flare that comes in from the hard line. catalog including Part Number,Hose Size,Fitting Size,Thread (in. Buy brass flare fittings through verified companies with product rating. In addition, copper tube used for Fuel Gas (Liquefied Petroleum (LP), Propane Gas or Natural Gas may be joined utilizing flared brass fittings of single 45º-flare type, according to NFPA 54/ANSI. brake line, nuts, fittings and tee's 3/16"/4. a) Measure flare diameter b) Examine flare for excessive thin out. You may not have the necessary tools to accurately measure thread size and pitch – making it easy to confuse metric and imperial threads. The diagram to the right illustrates the two most common types of fittings used in a typical Street Rod brake system. From the Manufacturer. The female end of the inverted flare has a 420 seat that provides a sealing surface. Flare I. 97 respectively. Inverted Flare Fittings are inexpensive and reusable. Hi-Line’s family of D. Brand Information Dorman Products is a leading supplier of "hard-to-find" automotive replacement parts, automotive hardware, brake products, and household hardware to the automotive Choose from our selection of pipe fittings, including metal pipe and pipe fittings, plastic pipe and pipe fittings, and more. 30 Mar 2012 There are two systems for measuring threads – metric and imperial (same as SAE or American). Are you sure the caliper threads are 1/8 NPT? My stock '78 dual disc calipers are threaded for inverted flare fittings and I believe the pie slice caliper on my '77 is as well. 4. DOT Fittings & Tubing. How to connect brake lines with new fittings & a union How to mate brake or fuel lines with a double flare union BENDING BRAKE LINES & CREATING INVERTED FLARES ON BRAKE Inverted Flare Fittings are inexpensive and reusable. of a male thread and I. In stock and ready to ship. Get hooked up with the right brake line fittings—shop Summit Racing now! Most commonly used for brake line repair or installation, all our inverted flare fittings are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. If you want to buy Eaton Weatherhead 105X3 Steel Inverted Flare Brass Fitting, Nut, 3/16 Tube OD (Pack of 50) Ok you want deals and save. How Triple-Lok Fittings Work. Flare-type fittings, Figure 2, were developed as an improvement over pipe fittings many years ago and probably remain the design used most often in hydraulic systems. Metric Bite Type Fittings are called out by tube size (in millimeters) i. Pre-1980 gears will have 5/8 and 11/16” SAE inverted flare fittings while 1980+ gears will have 16 and 18mm O-ring fittings. Double flare standard lines; The most common type is the double flare, also known as the inverted or 45-degree flare. Inverted Flare SAE J512 This connection is frequently used in automotive systems. For more information please select product. Brass SAE 45° Inverted Flare Fittings. The M/C is pipe thread but if you tap it to the 3/8-24 thread for a banjo fitting, you'll need to machine a flat surface for the banjo washers to seat against. •Denotes number of fittings Tips and Tricks to Flare your own brake lines How a brake system works and is sealed. Flare end of tube with a 45° flaring tool. The female incorporates a straight thread with a 42° inverted flare. T. The best way is to mount one fi tting and use a bar handle to turn the ferrule to the correct angle. measure amount of hose needed, have them show you where to measure on the fittings. The JIC 37° flare male will mate with a JIC female only. Russell Performance Adapter Fittings, feature a wide variety of specialty adapter fittings, for a large range of applications. The. Inverted Flare Tube Fittings. prefix) for appliances with moderate BTU demands such as a standard 4 burner stove, water heater or cook top. All of our inverted flare fittings are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. You'll need an adapter for something like 3/8" - 24 to 1/4" NPT, or whatever size your banjo fitting is. The rubber line with a splitter meets a metal line topside of the frame around the frame hump for the rear wheels. double or DIN for use in AN/JIC nuts and fittings with 45 degree double (inverted) on American or metric size tubing. • On early Mustang II racks, check to make sure inverted flare inserts are installed in the ports. HYDRAULIC COUPLING IDENTIFICATION CHART Mated angle seat with O-ring This type of seal is found on BSP and DIN terminations. c. A common use for this brake fitting is on boat trailers, but of course it can be used on any trailer that has hydraulic brakes. These were on the center swivel of a Case 9050B excavator, and rather large fittings, 1 5/8" wrench size. Soft copper tubing is generally used in such applications as it is easily flared to the 45° angle. Nut should be turned hand out. com Inline Tube is the largest manufacturer of preformed replacement brake lines and fuel lines with an extensive catalog of award winning restoration parts. Brake Line Fittings are sometimes called tube nuts or flare fittings. Measure flare diameter. A. SAE J512 Inverted connections are typically used in automotive systems. It looks like a tiny funnel that goes into the ID of the tubing. 3. Boat Trailer Hydraulic Brake Hose Union Fitting Female Inverted Flare-This is a brass union brake line fitting for hydraulic trailer brakes. In order to plumb your vehicle with a minimum amount of time, effort and money, you should know the basics about hose, hose ends and adapter fittings. The two are interchangeable in theory, though this is typically not recommended due to the exacting specifications and demands of the aerospace industry. If the brake lines aren't properly flared, you can lose fluid that will cause your brakes to fail. Nut should be turned hand tight. The most popular thread measurements are AN and NPT. main categories > brass fittings > inverted flare fittings > inverted flare male connector w-202x4x4. , Ltd. This cone seat and flare allows for a complete mechanical seal between the male and female fitting. Metric thread is measured in millimeters. They are similar to other 37° flared fittings, such as JIC, which is their industrial variant. Actual O. angle flare or seat be used with high pressure hydraulic tubing. Here you will find a variety of standard and metric male and female to meet all of your brake line needs. ” How to Flare Brake Lines. Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:43 pm Post subject: Re: New fuel line fittings 8N OK - the new line is 7/16 and since it is clearly an inverted flare so it should be 24 TPI. SAE 45° Flared Fittings. Inverted. trucks, cars, generators, tractors, boats, motorcycles, RVs etc. Browse Products Close Products With the Tompkins Thread Identification Kit for female threads, you get precise identification of both metric and BSP threads. O. Choose brass pipe fittings by basic fitting shape, basic fitting material, temperature range, fitting connection type, and max pressure. I believe the 2G inlet is 1/4" NPT, and typical installations use inverted flare with an adapter. LP and natural gas, flammable liquids, hydraulic brake, power steering, fuel lines and transmission cooler lines, refrigeration, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Browse Products Close Products Section Pages Hose 15-67 Fittings 68-180 Adapters and 181-228 Tube Fittings Section Pages Swivel Joints 229-244 Flexmaster Joints 245-260 FLOCS® 261-267 Section Pages Quick Disconnect 268-345 Couplings Access. It is unique in that the flare is doubled, or folded back on itself, for increased How to Measure Fitting Threads Measuring Tools-Order part number FT1341 for The identification Tool Kit. BrassCraft 1/2 in. -TPI),Weight Each,Standard Carton,Package 3/16" BRAKE LINE FITTING ASSORTMENT fittings • Single-Walled • 90-10 Copper Nickel • No Rust • Bend by Hand NICOPP® Cold Drawn & Annealed Copper Nickel Alloy • Double-Walled • Low Carbon Steel • Rust Resistant • Copper Brazed • Zinc Undercoating • Bend by Hand STANDARD STEEL Electric Zinc Plating Copper brazed bond Brazed Standard flare fitting materials include brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Then make sure you are clamped very tightly on the tube and be sure to leave the proper amount of tube sticking above the flare bar (See link below). They also use a different thread: You may find that regular compression fittings are labeled "tube" fitting in your locale. . of male inverted flare threads. 1/4″ Tube Nut, Union, Adapter Fitting Assortment, 8 SKU, BLFA-9 Brass Adapter, Female(1/2-20 Inverted), Male Brass Orifice Fittings . etc. Buy Online & Pickup Today. a. Brass SAE 45° Flare Fittings, & 37° Flare. Clamp tube flare between nut and nose of fitting body by screwing nut on finger-tight. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. 30x2. FIP tap. > Fittings. D / O. Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, usually soft steel, ductile use of flare fitting joints, however, the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) should be consulted to determine acceptance for a specific application. Meets functional requirements of SAE   24 Aug 2017 Parker helps you easily identify a hydraulic hose fitting through the process of elimination with these None, Inverted, 45⁰, SAE Inverted Flare. 00 will score an EMA Gift Voucher Marine Hoses Whether you are in the boat building industry or you are repairing your boat or vessel, Hydraulic Supply Company offers a large selection of marine hoses, tubing, ducting, conduit and flexible wet exhaust connectors from the most recognized brands in the world. b) They are all double flared. Male threads: Measure the outside diameter of the large portion of the thread at "A"; Find figure nearest this dimension in column 1 or 2 of chart. Call for other applications. 75mm brake line nuts and fittings. Banjo fittings have a straight thread, not NPT. offers Carbon Steel Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Fittings and 316 Stainless Steel JIS Fittings, in sizes from 1/8 Find here details of brass flare fittings, brass flare fittings manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and exporters from India. These premium grade brake fittings have been designed for use in completion of your disc brake system and consist of chassis fitting, caliper adapters, master cylinder fittings and adapters necessary to complete your brake system needs. These are commonly called JIC couplings. British Pipe Fittings ; Metric Fittings ; Code 61 & 62 Fittings ; 37 & 45 Degree JIC Fittings ; Pipe Fittings ; Boss O-Ring Fittings ; O-Ring Face Seal Fittings ; Hose. Just do it once. In this video you will learn the basic s of brake lines and brake line fittings. The female has a straight thread with a 42° inverted fl are. The male connector can either be a 45° fl are in the tube fi tting form or a 42° seat in the machined adapter form. 0 or 30x1. male to inverted flare male adapter. To explain the part numbers: xxxx-xx-xx The four fi rst numbers is for fi tting Browse Fittings in the World Wide Metric, Inc. Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant is not required. parker. There are in fact very few Common street rod master cylinders quite often have 1/2"-20 and 9/16"-18 IFF inverted flare female outlets and many of you have asked for a way to get from them to 1/8" NPT female pipe thread. I can't seem to find a true 1/4 inverted flare to AN fitting. Fittings Section V: Illustrated FITTING LOCATER GUIDE bASIC hOSE FITTING TypES Fitting sizes are identified generally as: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. It uses a 45* double flare to seal, which has tubing that is folded over into itself before flaring outward. It’s annoying. Air Brake determine pipe size (up to 1-1/4") measure the diameter of the threads and. Browse Metric Flare - Inverted Flare Seat to Male Metric Thread Bubble Flare Adapter in the Coronet Parts Mfg. it comes with brass push connect fittings to hook to rubber line (not included) I am not sure of actual line length I need to measure them. com. Male Inverted Flare > View Items Re: Automotive SS double flared inverted flare brake line To make a good double flare, first be sure to properly ream the ID of the tube after it is cut. Material B-Brass (default) S-Steel (suffix) How to replace individual lines: 1. A. 19 Apr 2016 Male thread diameter is measured on the OD; female thread If the pipe or fitting connection seals on a flared surface or inverted angle seat,  Products 1 - 11 of 11 Home » Hydraulic Couplings » Braided Hose Couplings » MALE SAE 45 INVERTED FLARE SWIVEL MIX - 45° SAE Male Inverted Flare For example a JIC in size "-08" is designed to connect to 1/2" O. Put the orifice fitting in your Shopping Cart. 16 B RASS IDLAND ETAL FG. 20mm Tube (S20), while Metric Port Fittings are called out by Thread O. SAE Inverted Flare Solid Female BSPOR Female (FBSPORX) Male 24°Cone,DIN 2353 (MDL/MDH) Female 24°Cone with O-Ring (FDLORX/FDHORX) JIC 37°Flare North American or Metric Stand Pipe & Male Flareless Assembly British Standard Pipe Parallel DIN 24°Cone National Pipe Straight Mechanical SAE Inverted Flare SAE 45°Flare Japanese Industrial Fits many truck & trailer makes & models. ter cylinder ports to accept the inverted flare nut used on standard replacement steel brake lines. INVERTED FLARE BRASS FITTINGS A Thread Size - B Inverted Flare •Typical Application Hydraulic brake, power steering, fuel lines and trans-mis sion cooler lines, LP and natural gas. The 15/16"-16 are 45° flare, but are not SAE fittings". No Nicks Allowed. Hydraulic Hoses . Step 2: Measure the thread diameter. Free custom drilling of orifice fittings or a CVO Control Valve Orifice needle valve. JIC and SAE thread . N. These fittings are most commonly used in fluid power and fuel delivery applications, especially those using high pressure. A machined male connector has a 420 seat. The female has a straight thread with a 42° inverted flare. Pigtail hose connects your dual LP gas cylinder setup to the regulator on your camper. By using a combination of three tools, identifying connectors is easy to do. Sealing is made by means of an inverted 45º flare. Crimp Fittings Please Read : The Fittings are adjustable after crimping, which means that you can afterwards adjust the angle between two fi ttings if necessary. Cut to the. Item: 7896X4. The flare fittings we offer are SAE 45° flare with the exception of the 15/16"-16 gas flare fittings. You probably have incurred a type of inverted flare fittings on car brake lines. Use the guide below to select the correct adapters for your application. Male Brass Inverted Flare Adapter Item no. Debur Die Blocks Automotive fittings are always a 45 deg. These numbers come from 6/16”, 8/16”, 10/16”, and 12/16” which generally identify the tube diameter at the point that it passes through the attached threaded nut. catalog including DIN 2353 Compression Fittings,SAE J514/JIC Flared 37 Fittings,SAE J1453 ORFS O-Ring Face Fittings,BSI 5200 Adaptors: BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric,SAE J516 Hose Fittings,Conversion Adaptors,H 3. Radius Required. Flare fittings are easy to disassemble and may be reassembled repeatedly, for a leak-proof connection. • Late (Metric) Mustang rack and pinion assemblies measure 394 mm (15. JIC fittings, defined by the SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 standards, are a type of flare fitting machined with a 37-degree flare seating surface. Carbureted - Adapter Fittings - Russell Performance Products Russell Performance Russell Performance Adapter Fittings, feature a wide variety of specialty adapter fittings, for a large range of applications. Parker's economical inverted flare fittings offer a metal-to-metal seal that is internal to the fitting for tighter tube bends. The first is the inverted double flare, used by most domestic production cars and trucks. O. gas connectors (CSSD part no. Flaretite, worldwide suppliers of the ultimate seal for eliminating hydraulic leaks, refrigeration leaks on JIC or SAE flared fittings. Measure the Inside Diameter to get the correct name of the nut. Recommended or use in hydraulic brake, power steering, fuel lines and transmission cooler lines. The seal is made on the 37° flare seat by establishing a line manufacturers and suppliers of inverted flare fittings from around the world. In other vehicles, the flare angle is 37º (referred to as a JIC flare, or AN flare). Flare. Seat Angle D. The very universality of the inverted flare fitting means that it is not very likely to cause any damage when it is being used. Brass Inverted Flare Fittings & Adapters Industry Standard - SAE J512 Inverted Flare Applications. , Inc. do they exist? Brass 45 Degree Inverted Flare Elbow Sae# 040302 - Inverted Flare Fitting, 45 Degree Elbow, Brass Fittings, Sae# 040302 Typical Application - Hydraulic Brake, Power Steering, Fuel Lines And Transmission Cooler Lines, Lp And Natural Gas. IFF - meaning “Inverted Flare Female” and IFM - meaning  Inverted Flare Fittings Machined from CA360 or CA345 brass rod. We have an assortment of sizes that can be placed over the end of the line, fitting or flare and See above about killing others in crash. It uses both the O-ring and the mated angle to make the seal. b-Examine flare for excessive thin out. A well built hose, suitable for all types of propane needs. n. O-Ring Location B. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Description,Hose ID,UN Thread,Type,Material,Opt Qty STEEL & BRASS FITTINGS SIZE COMPARISON CHART VOL20F25 Imperial has made a concerted effort to provide accurate information in its catalog and on its web site, however Imperial assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Determining what size pipes you need for your project can be confusing. solder, tape measure or the old brake lines as a pattern. From disc brake conversions to DIY kits, trust in the industry leading experts. You can search (as I did), How to Measure Pipe and Fitting Sizes -- the site Zoro has a very easy-to-understand summary with illustrations and a partial conversion table for Nominal The 37 degree flare was standardized as A. Parker Triple-Lok 37° Flare JIC Tube Fittings and Adapters are a reliable leak-free metal to metal connection solution for most high pressure hydraulic applications. BK 6413347 for 3/16" at NAPA. ®. Conformance - Meets Specifications And Standards Of Asa, Asme, Sae And Ms (Military Standards). (Army/Navy) during WWII for aircraft use. The added twist (no pun intended) is that many pipe fittings are categorized and listed according to their Nominal Diameter, which will NOT be the same number. 9 Nov 2015 Remember standard threads will be measured in inches, metric in Flare – SAE Flare fittings have a protruding nose cone on a male thread  1 Mar 2013 SAE J512 Inverted . This capability can be used with inverted flare, compression style, 37 and 45 degree single flare type fittings, as well as other types where appticable. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of inverted flare. The brake system in a modern car is very complex, but when you break it all down they all work the same. Lawson Steel Fitting Inverted Flare Nut 1/4x - 5243. -TPI),Weight Each,Standard Carton 1/4" MALE NPT TO 1/4" INVERTED FLARE FITTING. Fittings to connect the line to your distribution blocks or master cylinder should be installed prior to taking the line under the car. Its 30° seat and Metric thread dimensions differentiate it from the 37° flare. The female has straight threads and a 42° inverted flare. "How can I measure my flare fitting to know if it is 15/16"-16 flare or another size?" A. Our inverted flare fittings are most commonly used Our inverted flare fittings are most commonly used for brake line repair or installation. a two-piece crimp fitting with a female JIC thread, and a. Flare O. Flare-type fittings offer several design and performance improvements over pipe fittings and are used with thin-walled and medium-thickness tubing. It is usually manufactured using a single standard, but it can even tolerate certain variations. 2-Wire Inverted Flare Fitting Brass Union-Inverted Flare Fitting-3/8 In. But now I just replace it all, since I learned the section I didn’t replace had to be replaced later. JIC (Joint Industry  BRASS INVERTED FLARE FITTINGS - SAE - METRIC, UNION TEE, METRIC 3 ) Flare end of tube with a 450 flaring tool, a) Measure flare diameter. b)  7 May 2019 Measure NPT male thread O. George - Yes, you can use AN 37° flare fittings, of appropriate pressure ratings, in an industrial application. This portable, compact kit features 14 dual-threaded gauges that allow you to measure 28 thread sizes quickly and accurately The rear of the filter (coming from the fuel pump) is NOT M12x1. Tubing Products This page is part of a complete catalog which contains technical and safety data that must be reviewed when selecting a product Economy Replacement Towel Ring Clear Plastic End tips measure 21/64 for 11/32 hole minimum sae male inverted flare swivel fittings 90 elbow 17212, Richmond Industrial Supply. Threads engage to form a mechanically strong connection. Make sure that you use the correct fittings, with either inverted flare, barb or compression fitting. Main Categories > BRASS FITTINGS > INVERTED FLARE FITTINGS > INVERTED FLARE TUBE NUT W-100X4. The seal takes place on the fl ared surfaces. 4213260 | Pay Invoice 0 My Cart . Never use a single flare or compression fittings on the vehicle's brake lines. Flare tube end with flaring tool to provide 45 ° flare. Q. Go buy fittings,fit them to pump and box. Browse Inverted Flare Brass Nut in the SC Fastening Systems catalog including Item #,Item Name,Units Per Package,Price & Plumbing > Brass Fittings > Inverted Inverted Flare Fittings Compression Fittings Poly Tube Brass Fittings Poly Push Brass Fittings Non DOT Truck Trans. Dorman offers a comprehensive variety of inverted flare fittings. *SAE (45° Flare) A term usually applied to fittings having a 45° angle flare or seat. They are commonly found in use in the following applications: Figure 2. The SAE female has straight threads and a 45 degree flare seat. Fitting is used with 1/2 in. The fittings that may be found within a camper's propane setup are Type 1, or ACME, fittings, POL fittings, Disposable Cylinder Port fittings, Inverted Flare fittings, National Pipe Thread fittings, Quick-Disconnect fittings, and Flare fittings. The lines have 3/8 inverted flare 90 deg fittings on one end and I believe the other ends are 37 deg but not sure. The seal is formed along a line when this seat is forced against a mating surface generally by a swivel nut on one fitting engaging with a threaded portion of the mating fitting. No Less Than. The fittings thread in easily and you tightened them carefully and yet there it is – a leak. Note: Do not over-torque as it may damage the fitting or split the tubing at the flare. The JIC female has straight threads and a 37° flare seat. Use a thread pitch gauge to determine the number of threads per inch or the distance between . . Plus, we stock a large array of fitting angles to make your brake system installation or modification a snap. The old flare fitting is of no concern but looks like it was probably SAE 45 flare with a 7/16-20 thread. , since it was designed to replace 3⁄8" Inverted Flare Female. Aeroflow AF354-06SS Power Steer Fitt 5/8"-18 to -65/8" -18 Inverted Seat to -6An - Aeroflow Performance Products SPEND & GET REWARDED Every order this weekend over $50. The threads hold the connection mechanically. Use the o-ring type metric fittings with this gear. Check that the flare is the correct profile for the components involved Automotive fittings are always a 45 deg. Inverted flare fittings are also commonly known as 45 degree double flares, and were used for automotive applications (brake lines) in almost all vehicles manufactured from the 30’s to the 80’s. ),Male Thread Size,Comments,Fitting Type These fittings are easily recognized by placing them on a square, or by placing two males flare-against-flare at right angles, and observing the 90 degree included flare angle, The 45° flare fitting is the one you are most likely to run across at your local hardware store. BRASS TUBE NUT - INVERTED FLARE Unit of Measure: Pay Invoice 0 My Cart . c-On thin wall, welded or brazed tubing, use double flare to prevent pinch-off and cracked flares. I use Cunifer for the brake tubing, easy to bend and flare. 00 will score an EMA Gift Voucher Aeroflow AF354-06SS Power Steer Fitt 5/8"-18 to -65/8" -18 Inverted Seat to -6An - Aeroflow Performance Products SPEND & GET REWARDED Every order this weekend over $50. Each rear wheel line has a different size fitting to avoid mix ups. Rather than buying brake lines with flare fittings already installed, we prefer to purchase bulk steel lines and do our own double flaring and bending. 5- Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling Understanding Fuel Line Fittings – Straight Thread (and AN) vs. Guaranteed lowest price! Buy Brake Line Adapter for 3/16" Tube, (Female) Inverted Flare, 3/8-24 to (Male) 1/8" Pipe (Pack of 2): Fittings - Amazon. of Male Inverted Flare Fittings Inverted Flare Inverted Flare. FITTINGS UNLIMITED, INC. ) Inverted Flare Steel Power Steering Adapter Fitting , Find Complete Details about Inverted Flare Steel Power Steering Adapter Fitting,Adapter Fitting,Power Steering Adapter Fitting,Flare Adapter Fitting from Pipe Fittings Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Long Wei Wang Precision Technology Co. Also, from visual inspection, the fitting is indeed of the flare type (see image below of the SAE J512 Inverted Flare fitting), but I didn't measure the angle of the flare to confirm that it is 45*. Selfalign. 45° flared fittings. 3/16 Brake Hardline Inverted Flare Nut , Find Complete Details about 3/16 Brake Hardline Inverted Flare Nut,Inverted Flare Nut,Brake Hardline Nut,Flare Nut from Pipe Fittings Supplier or Manufacturer-Qingdao Guosong Machinery Parts Co. com 41 Phone 1-800-989-1770 Fax 1-800-989-1774 Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, usually soft steel, ductile (soft) copper and aluminum, though other materials are also used. Fitting Size Female Inverted Flare (UNF Threads) in the Kuriyama of America, Inc. The seal is made on the 45 degree flare seat. Shop Brass Compression Fittings at acehardware. All Categories > Hydraulic Hose & Fittings > Aeroquip Reusable Fittings > "Super Gem" Reusable Fittings > Aeroquip Reusable Fitting Super Gem FC9063 45° Elbow, S. Tube (Female inv. Tightening of the nut clamps the tube flare between the body nose (seat) producing a leak tight connection. 1/4 Long Tube Nut · Package Quantity: 10. JIS 30˚ Flare uses a 60° inverted seat and BSPP threads. Flare x 1/8 in. SAE 45° Inverted Flare (SAE J512) 23 measure ID, OD, thread pitch and seat angles using the For either male or female fittings, place the gauge on the A common hyd fitting is the inverted flare. When I look at the radiator they are female inverted flare fittings though. Flushface Hydraulic Quick Disconnects ISO 16028, Recommended for skid steer loaders and other applications where you need to reduce leaks and spills. Male can also seal against 45° flared tubing with nut and sleeve. Cutting and bending the line was easy, but we had a heck of a time figuring out how to flare the line, as the kit did not come with instructions. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. These are for low pressure applications - such as for fuel lines and refrigerant lines. , Equipment & 346-393 Assembly Instructions Technical Data 394-433 RETURN TO CONTENTS PAGE Browse Male Run Tee Inverted Flare in the SC Fastening Systems catalog including Item #,Item Name,Units Per Package,Price & Plumbing > Brass Fittings > Inverted The female half has a 30° flare and a straight thread. But, because it is a flare type fitting, the inside surface of the fitting must have the appropriate angle to match the flare of the tube. See page 26 for flare data. Seats and threads are internal and protected. Use with copper, brass, aluminum, or steel tubing. 99 and $29. Select from the picture menu below or search by Part Number in Search box on left We are delighted to welcome you to FITTINGS UNLIMITED, INC. Hard to find American, Metric and AN thread brake line nuts, unions, tees and bleeders. Hose diameters are assigned AN numbers. 100% leak free JIC or SAE flared fitting. BSPP fittings, while different from U. 00+. 3-Flare end of tube with a 450 flaring tool. From that point, apply a one-sixth turn. Package Weight: 0. All use inverted flare fittings. The male has straight threads and a 45° inverted flare. If the nut is metric, count the number of lines on the tape measure to find the measurement. Many people assume pipe size is the outer diameter of the pipe—but “pipe size” actually refers to what is called “nominal diameter. The standard fitting size, for 3/16" dia. Lubricat threads and assemble to fitting body. Defined by MIL-F-18866 and SAE J514 standards, these flare fittings have been machined to have a 37° flare seating surface. Tighten The flare angle used to seal AN connections is required to be SAE 37-degree, as opposed to the 45-degree flare commonly found on household plumbing adapters. A 180 degree scale, with adjustable pointer, is provide to enable precision bending, and to compensate for tubing spring back. They have an inverted flare inside. Use a caliper to measure the nominal male or female thread diameter from crest-to-crest (Fig . com Low Pressure Hose 3/8 Female Flare x 3/8 Male Pipe Thread – Extension Hose has 3/8 female flare on one end and 3/8 male pipe thread on the other. Buy Cunifer (copper nickel) SAE J1640 NiCopp line in bulk. Standard SAE Inverted Flare Brake Line Fittings Nuts Assortment 3/16 1/4 Kit Set These are all Plated steel fittings used for 3/16 1/4 brake line - all the correct sizes for the master cylinder, brake valve, rubber flex hoses, wheel cylinders, calipers and any other brake component. and NPT female thread I. An inverted flare fitting is a device which can be used in a number of different applications, from car engines to plumbing and air conditioning. Tapered Thread Posted on May 6, 2015 by Josh Davis This article describes the different types of fittings that are commonly used for high-end racing and street performance applications. Never single flare steel brake line. These conversion fittings will convert your 5/16-18 or 11/16-18 inverted flare power steering box to -6AN so you can install braided hoses. Compression. 7/16 – 20, 1/2 – 20, 3/4 – 16 & 7/8 – 14 are the same thread form as JIC 37° flare. A caliper is used to measure the O. My guess is that you may have to make a connector using a 45 degree inverted flare and a 37 degree -AN flare if you are bypassing the stock fuel line from the fuel pump. Find the hydraulic quick disconnect you need to get the job done with Hose and Fitting Supply! Brass Barb x Male NPT. To do that you’ll need a few tools of course. However, the inverted flare seat on the 3/16 GM/American to Bubble or Inverted Flare Metric 1. metal-to-metal seal. 5. 25. Selection of Parker Inverted Flare Fittings. brass male connector - inverted flare unit of measure: each. a) They are all flared at 45º, often referred to as an SAE flare. It is called a 45-degree angle flare since its back side is at We carry roughly 4 times more hydraulic fitting and adapter inventory than our competitors. Get flare fitting online at best price. Find our best fitting power steering adapter fittings for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! If your application is not listed below Do Not Attempt To Install This Kit* Step 1: Prepare the fittings and adapters for installation. This is a two-stage forming operation. Nose Seat C. That straight length of steel tubing is now a perfectly bent fuel line with 45-degree double-inverted flare ends. ” Fittings can be just as confusing. air brake fittings encompass the entire breadth of brass offerings from industry leaders Parker, Velvac® and Eaton/Weatherhead including unions, connectors, elbows, nuts, sleeves and union tees. This clamping on the 37° taper provides a measure of elasticity to the joint helping it to resist loosening under vibration. UL listed for flammable liquid and gas. SAE 45° Flare – SAE J512. The end of the tube is flared, but the nut has a male thread, while a regular flare nut has a female thread. Shop the industry's largest selection of An to Metric Adapter Fittings at Jegs. www. These could also be used for GM if you swap out the fittings that screw into the We have a wide selection of hydraulic hose quick disconnects that will meet any industrial need. Tube flaring is considered to be a type of forging operation, and is usually a cold working pro SAE Inverted Flare (SAE J512) The inverted flare finds many applications in automotive systems. male to sae male inverted, flare adapter, brake, fittings, hose, sae, a. Inverted Flare Plug 1/4″ Choose from our selection of flared fittings, including over 1,200 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. The dimension in column 3 will be your nominal pipe thread size. Inverted flare fittings only. ISO double inverted flare is for certain applications of automotive. On thin wall, welded or brazed tubing, use double flare to pre-vent pinch-off and cracked flares. 04 . a-Measure flare diameter Actual O. It features brake line fittings, grease fittings, hose fittings and air brake fittings from Edelmann’s line of over 1000 parts. Another special fitting from Classic Tube—this one adapts a -3 AN line to a drum brake wheel cylinder. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Home > Brass Fittings > Inverted Flare Fittings: We stock Brass Nuts, 90° Elbows, Female Adapters, Male Adapters, and many more configurations. 65 years of combined experience & exceptional customer service regarding airline & pipe fittings, compression fittings, push to connect fittings & more. dfburnham. Meets functional requirements of SAE J512 There’s never been a more complete collection of automotive fittings assembled into one easy-to-use display. com 866-515-5481 Order Inverted Flare Fittings for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Again, the older SAE gearboxes are very hard to find, so the majority of the boxes we sell are metric. The brake line is the same diameter throughout. Flush Face Coupler for No Spill Applications. Fittings, except caps and unions, are all male flare and require a short flare nut, sold separately, to make a connection. Use a thread pitch gauge to determine the number of threads per inch or the Male flare type connectors are usually measured by placing the gauge on the  Pick the right SAE hydraulic fittings with this chart of SAE flare sizes, Pilot thread measurements and port dimensions, SAE 45º INVERTED FLARE – SAE J512  21 Sep 2016 These are some common terms used in the industry when discussing brake fittings. SAE 45° Flared What are the Common Types of Propane Fittings Used on RVs? RV propane systems use a number of different fitting types. Most commonly used for brake line repair or installation, all our inverted flare fittings are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. 28. Coupling Termination Inside Inverted 60° Inclusive Inside Inverted 24° Inclusive British Standard Pipe a-Measure flare diameter. catalog including Part Number,Item Name,Description,Hose Size,Fitting Size,Thread (in. The diameter measurement obtained in this step may not be exactly the same as the listed nominal size for the given thread . Browse Part Number POFFIV-0606, 3/8 in. That means if you need an unusual size or configuration, Brennan is the most likely to have it. Flaring brake lines ensures a leak-proof connection without extra materials or sealants. New Zealand's largest range of industrial brass fittings. Add brass hose fittings, such as union tees, street elbows, brass couplings, and crosses, to redirect pipe flow. Shop the industry's largest selection of Banjo Fittings at Jegs. Please Register or . Join the American Copper and Brass family today to receive exclusive coupons, specials and news! How to Order Hydraulic Hose and Fittings. S Measure any full thread . caliper are necessary to make accurate measure- . All information published by Imperial in its catalog, Power steering pumps use three types of output fittings, the 60's standard 45 deg flare with male end on the pump, the 70's inverted flare with female end on the pump, and the 1980 and later metric Saginaw fitting with O ring and female end on the pump and box. double or DIN flare Never use a single 45 degree flare with automotive nuts and fittings A 37 degree single flare is acceptable for use in AN/JIC nuts and fittings with Cunifer seamless tubing Common Crossthreads How to measure SAE Flare Fittings : The SAE male has straight threads and a 45 degree flare seat. Professionally assembled, UL approved, rated for 350 psi. Flare Fittings The World Standard SAE 45˚ Flare Meets SAE Functional Requirements Resists Vibration Resists Mechanical Pull-out UL Listed Inverted Flare UL Listed Economical Steel Nut option Access Valves Teflon Seal on Valve core Machined to ARI Standards Finger Tight Quick Seal Cap Inverted Flare Hydraulic Tube Fittings. Guaranteed lowest price! Process of Elimination When Identifying Hydraulic Hose Fittings Posted by Fluid Gas Handling Team on Thursday, August 24, 2017 Industrial machines and equipment are designed and manufactured in every corner of the world. Unit of measure: each. Find Universal Fittings with Male inverted flare Fitting Attachment Style 1 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 3-Flare end of tube with a 450 flaring tool. Home / Auto & Fleet Maintenance / DOT Fittings & Tubing . S. Wilwood’s brake line fittings are manufactured to high quality standards and are available in various styles. I have a hard line with inverted flare fittings that threads in there just fine, but I am looking to convert it to an AN fitting so I can run some Aeroquip lines. What’s the difference between the two? How does an AN thread convert to a “plain English” fractional value? How do the two Browse Item # 290-0407, Brass SAE Inverted Flare Fittings in the Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp. 5 in) from rack mount centerline to rack mount centerline. Carbureted - Adapter Fittings - Russell Performance Products Russell Performance The 37 degree flare was standardized as A. tubing, but the fitting actually measures 3/4" on the outside of the thread. Links to related resources. The 3hp carburetor bowl has provision to accept that inverted flare tube and nut (matching flare machined into the cavity where it goes. The 12023 is produced by MRO Supply and is described as a MRO 12023 3/16 FEMALE INVERTED FLARE UNION (Package of 10) Brass Fittings. If your fittings are regular inverted flare,straight or 90 degree fittings work great. Danchuk # 16529 will work on any 1955-1957 classic Chevy using a 605/500 power steering conversion boxe as well as other vehicles you may have in your collection. 1/4 NPS with parallel thread and washer for inverted flare and double flared hard line with tube nut (1/2 20 for 5/16 tube or 7/16 24 for 1/4 tube). Then during Checkout leave a message in the COMMENTS box (on the same line as the fitting you ordered). Listed flare fitting manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering multiple buying options for flare fitting. AN fittings are a flare fitting, using 37° flared tubing to form a metal-metal seal. The male connector is either a 45° flare within the tube fitting or a 42° seat in the machined adapter. Somebody said 37 degree double inverted flare was for aircraft, but don’t quote me on that. Part# Desc. SAE Inverted Flare (SAE J512) The inverted flare finds many applications in automotive systems. These brake line fittings give you many options to plumb your brakes. You NEED to check your application. Brass Flare Fittings Flare fittings are used on soft copper tubing for applications with water, oil or gas. 97, $22. It is a pain to get the fittings beforehand as they are mixed sizes. com or call 800-298-8924 for expert Both are very different than flare fittings, which have a tapered nut and require the tubing to be formed in a "flared" taper at the end (using a special tool) and do not use a sleeve (ferrule). The seal is created by establishing a line of contact between the male nose and the female flare. catalog including Item #,Style,O. See Details. NAPA can order you a roll, otherwise you need to get the 6mm preflared sections azone carries, but they have wrong fittings so you need to cut off flares, get the right fittings, drill them out a little because 6mm fittings they sell don't fit over their 6mm preflared line (it is ridiculous I was so mad) I bought 2 6 foot sections of the 6mm Want a copy of our Parts Catalog? If so, email us at sales@acandb. Pipe Fittings; Boss Oring Fittings; O-ring Face Seal Fittings; Inverted Flare & Compression Fittings; 30 Degree JIS Fittings; 4-Wire Hose Couplings . The threads hold the connection Inverted Flare One of the most common types of fittings found on automobiles is the SAE double inverted flare. on-line searching has currently gone a protracted method; it's modified the way customers and entrepreneurs do business these days. 2 lbs. Pegasus stocks a wide variety of brake adapter fittings to adapt SAE and metric brake lines to AN braided stainless lines for a better brake pedal feel. The JIC male has straight threads and a 37° flare seat. 10mm measured ID is Female SAE 1/4" 11mm measured ID is Female SAE 5/16" 14mm measured ID is Female SAE 3/8" The nut shown is a 5/16" nut because it fits on a 5/16" pipe. It is important to note that you should not mix components in the particular assembly – meaning that the nuts and sleeves attached to this fitting need to be AN as well. 0 adapter is a different beast. This angle can be found on the male point of the port adapter fitting and on the female inside the hose-end nut. After determining the system pressure for a hydraulic system, hose selection Care must be taken to ensure that the hose and fittings are either compatible JIS Tapered Pipe, 30°Flare Parallel Pipe, and 30° Male Inverted Seat. Lubricate threads and assemble to fitting body. 5095 would measures 5⁄16" I. A seat angle gauge, thread pitch gauge and an I. 5- Tighten assembly with wrench until a solid feeling is encountered. Browse AN & MS Fittings in the Wicks Aircraft Supply catalog including AN805 Nut,AN800 Code Union Fitting,AN804 Tee Fitting,AN806 Plug,AN807 Adapter,AN814 Plug and Bleeder,AN815 Union Fitting,AN818 Nut,AN816 Nipple Fitting,AN821 Elbow Fitting,AN824 T The inverted flare seat in a brake line or a master cylinder is a FULLY TAPERED bore, and you can only mess up the inverted flare if you flared it lop-sided or if you hate your car. They provided a double flaring tool and a piece of hard line to cut and bend to size. Air Brake Fittings Nylon Truck Air Brake Brass Fittings Reusable Air Brake Hose Ends Copper Tube Air Brake Fittings Dot Push To Connect Fittings Nylon Pipe Fittings Browse Male Inverted Flare (UNF Threads) in the Kuriyama of America, Inc. Order 90-125: Short 1"x20 Threads Seals Bottom of Threads - Uses 3/8 fuel line fitting The tube fittings used on GMH vehicles can be funky. That was 25 years ago, now I can make a double-flare in my sleep. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of inverted flare fittings. These threads also maintain a mechanical connection. SAE 45°. b. Add to Cart Find a Store. Flare fittings, such as the 37˚ flare, are fittings with a conical end called a seat. SAE male has 45° flare which seals against 45° seat in female. The 15/16"-16 male flare thread measures 15/16" diameter from the outside of the male threads. how to measure inverted flare fittings

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